July 25, 2004

Computers and supplies

Looks like I will finally be able to buy a Canon BJC 85 portable printer. I found one for sale on ebay and the auction ends on payday or the day before. I have two paydays this coming week. The printer is brand new too. Apparently they are not very good quality these printers and are slow. But it will be nice to have one anyways for printing at hotels and other places away from home like on campus.

I am also bidding on a couple of low end pentium Thinkpads with Win98. I will install Linux on one of them but the other one I might just give away to a friend with schizophrenia J.

These three items on ebay including shipping might cost me 450$. I have also been thinking of getting a Palm W cell phone PDA from the cable/wireless company. I probably won't do this for another year or two though. I have a cell phone contract for another 1.5 years as it is. We don't need three cell phones and a land line. That would be excessive. Also my Palm Vx is only 9 months old and has had no technical problems.

Posted by petert at July 25, 2004 08:07 AM


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