August 15, 2004

Talking to everyone

I talked to most everyone in the immediate family today. My brother was explaining that he and my dad will support my educational pursuits regardless of my subject choice. He explained that my dad may have opinions about what I study but this doesn't mean he is really calling the shots. No I must be more mature and see that it is my choice and allow my dad to hold his opinions.

We are having a fairly relaxed holidays. We spent some time at the beach today. I am still studying while on vacation. I like reading and computing at my mom's place and her partner and I had some good computer discussions. I am on dial up here rather than high speed but for daily surfing there is not too much of a difference. It is just a little buggy sometimes with loading web pages and a little bit slower.

We have been enjoying my mom's cooking and eating well. My wife is drinking less beer too and I am smoking less.

I did some basic C++ programming today and read some statistics and some disability studies.

On Monday tomorrow my mom will meet my wife's mother for the first time.

We have our medications, food, warmth, and pleasant company. We see our psychiatrist in about a week. We both have appoinments one day apart from each other.

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