August 15, 2004

Medication, symptoms, and parents

My wife took a nap at 7:30 this evening. She had some ice cream and pie and was having a sugar crash. My mom was worried that she would be up later at night and pacing around like I used to do and still do. My mom has been lead to believe by me and social workers at the hospital that there are symptoms in common amongst people with schizophrenia. I had to tell her that my wife sometimes naps. But she always sleeps at about 10 PM and almost never gets up at night unless to use the bathroom. My wife also always takes her medication at 10 PM and sleeps soon after that and stays alseep until the morning. She is also not a early riser generally.

So although my wife and I both have schizophrenia our sleep behaviour is not the same. Also my wife sleeps very soundly and can go to sleep with the TV in the bedroom on. I need to have quiet to get to sleep. I also need to be awake longer than 16 hours to fall asleep and generally get from 6-8 hours sleep in a normal day but also often have 10 hours or slightly more sleep if I have just had a long day of 20 or more hours awake. So my sleep and waking times are more variable and varied than my wife's. She is far more regular and fitting into normal hours than myself who chooses to work night shifts. But through years of experience and experimentation I have come to be able to adjust my sleep so that I now do not sleep in ever for work or rarely for school. I sometimes in winter 2003 and 2004 slept in for classes that were mid day classes.

This fall term I may need to be getting up at like 8 PM at night the day before, or 4 am to get to school on time as classes are for 8:30-10:00 and from 10:00-11:30. So this school term I may not have night classes, or even afternoon classes. This may help me with extra curricular community activities, so that I will be free to have meetings on any night of the week now, except Wednesday when we play role playing games.

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