August 22, 2004

medication behaviour on a 24 hour clock

I have been working a job the past three and a half years in the 24-7 world. This living on a 24 hour clock has meant that I have longer days and longer nights generally. Except days like today where I have shorter days and shorter rests. Because, risperadol can be sedating, I only take it when going to sleep and this is how it is prescribed to me. So when I work a night shift I do not take my meds at 11 PM. I wait until I sleep in the morning. The longer days and night sometimes mean I take only 5 days doses in 7 days. I don't think I take more than 7 doses in 7 days. This lower level of medication 5 doses in 7 days seems ok. My doctor is aware of this issue.

Posted by petert at August 22, 2004 12:35 AM


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