August 21, 2004

my wife's goals for the day

I followed up on my wife's goal today to by going to the local market and buying the veggies needed for one dinner. I asked her to do my laundry which she did too. We had drinks at the 7-11. She watched Superman on TV. She was depressed later in the day and tired and did not make the dinner. She slept early. The other day she was spiting some blood and her blood sugar was very high. I had her do some walking and pushed her to do her own laundry, yesterday. She also felt feverish tonight. She is alseep now and I just going to check her medication box to see if she took her night meds. If not I will wake her up to take them.

I just checked and she took her meds and is sleeping soundly. We consulted her psych team about the blood yesterday. She should be ok but I am noteing this here. She sees our psychiatrist this week. I am also bringing her to my union picnic this week on Tuesday. She will enjoy the veggie dogs or veggie burgers.

Posted by petert at August 21, 2004 11:30 PM


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