September 03, 2004

Working a bit next week, unions busy

I only have one work shift next week on Labour day. I do though have some volunteer union work to do next week both for the Industrial Workers of the World and also for the Canadian Union of Public Employees, then the next week I have a union meeting at the United Food and Commerical Workers Local. But with the UFCW I am not active in the union and only attend the occasional meeting. We do employ a rather expensive office for our representative there and there hasn't been much of chance to volunteer in that union local. The IWW doesn't represent me actually in any of my work directly but is more a general labour movement body and has helped me get back into the working world and know my rights as a worker. This group of people has also helped me stay in touch with activism on the left.

I find out on the 7th if I have been hired again in the mathematics and statistics department at school. The union protection gives me seniority and also my bosses at that work have been impressed with my work ethic as was my volunteer manager at the Folk Festival this past weekend. So, on the 7th I should also be getting my work schedule tentatively for the fall school term. I have my basic class schedule now. That reminds me I need to email the teaching assistant supervisor and let him know my revised class schedule so he can schedule my TA work.

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