September 19, 2004

Basically four school courses to be concerned about this term

Basically I have four courses to study this term. Two are traditional course with classes, assignments and papers but neither are really traditional topics or taught in traditional ways just the schedule and work load is traditional. One other course lasts until April and it has no classes just meetings with a supervisor and I must complete a 60 page research paper by April. The other course I am a teaching assistant for so must follow the course but already know the material having learned it back in 1999 in my own second year statistics course.

I have two jobs besides school. One I work in security and two I am a webmaster for a community health group. So that should be three pay cheque sources this fall besides our government disability cheque. When I earn more from work our disability cheque is smaller. We will also renew our lease this fall for next year.

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