September 20, 2004

Gave a talk on Symptoms and school results from those symptoms

I gave a a little talk with a handout on the symptoms of withdrawl and apathy and how those effect my school work. This talk for tutors and learning assistants at my school was a part of their training. They fed me lunch.

Before that I searched out readings for my drug law course in the library and photocopied some journal articles and borrowed some books. I got the reading done on the history of Canadian drug laws and have some questions that compare then with now for the class to discuss on Tuesday.

I went to my lab on Friday and got the in lab assignment done and did a great job and was out before most of the other students. This is something that I find about my mind and school work is that I do it quickly. I seem to think very fast and this maybe my schizophrenia or it just maybe my mind.

I am a bit behind on writing my research proposal but have been doing some more thinking about it. I will read on the general techinques for writing a research proposal today. I am just sitting around the union office handing things out this morning and then attending a lab for my teaching assistant work. Then after lunch I will be attending a careers workshop.

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