September 26, 2004

Cleaned up after long day

I cleaned up the floor of my office after a long day. The long day including updating my computers which kept me up later then I wanted to be. I also used the other university library in this city today for school work and borrowed a book on medical statistics and there are papers in this book on clinical trials.

C's dad passed away and I talked with her about it on the bus. She said it was expected. I offered to help her where we can.

I got my school work done for the weekend. I got some assignments to mark. I talked breifly with my supervisor in statistics at school this morning. I reviewed my notes from my math class on solving non-linear equations(sound like John Nash?).

I am going to a consumer network meeting tomorrow. I have been building the network's web site for the past week and should be paid for this work.

I got our income report done for the past month and mailed out to the government. I told my mom all my troubles last night. There are some unresolved drugs of abuse questions going on around here. I have been reading a handbook on the medical consequences of alcohol and drugs of abuse. J has been reading it too. I have been studying drug law for about a month now.

I am going to take an extar 1 g of both vitamins and my 6mg of risperadol and hit the sack.

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