September 30, 2004

Seems this blog is ok now

Seems like I have made enough entries this month. I missed a few days. My goal is too post something everyday. I also try to let you see into my world but more than that clique I try to show you how I am solving problems with schizophrenia but then these solutions work for me. I derive many from known therapy programs like goal oriented recovery and social skills recovery. I have taken workshops on self esteem as well in my early road back from psychosis. I also use a lot of educational therapy which does not mean formal schooling but instead means learning about the illness the therapy educational therapy means to treat.

I think anyone with the schizophrenia label should read something like Fuller Torrey's surviving schizophrenia but also something like the Politics of the Family or the Divided Self. Then reading widely within psychiatry has helped me. These days I read even wider out from this core reading academic books on schizophrenia recovery research and books on disabilites of all kinds.

So though I am worried and anxious about my math course I seem to be able to keep up with this blog under all this stress and also keep up other blogs and my law courses. Hey I am even working a night shift this weekend in a completely different type of work. Well I am going to turn off my computer for an hour now and my TV and read some books.

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