October 13, 2004

School going well but lost my watch at school

I got one reaction paper written and handed in for Sheptycki's Issues in Transnational Policing. I had a little chat with my professor about my term paper and things went well in class yesterday as we discussed the drug/crime nexus.

I got some writing done on my fourth year paper and the supervisor was impressed and happy with it. I did though loose my watch while visiting him and must go buy a new watch today at a department store.

I also have attended my math course yesterday. It went well and we studied iterative solutions to linear systems. This is matrix math.

I need to work on grading papers this morning and then have two labs to give at 10:30 and 11:30 then I have the day off but will do more grading today.

Posted by petert at October 13, 2004 03:49 AM


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