October 14, 2004

Taking a little down time

The concept of down time comes from computing I think. I did work yesterday for two hours. I gave some help to students in their scheduled lab times. I also worked on their review problems at a computer using Minitab and SAS. I also got some of my homework done using MATLAB. This morning I am going off to my lecture the 11 th lecture in my numerical analysis course. We are just finishing up linear systems. This lecture today should be the new stuff on iteration methods. I hope to work some more after class on the assignment for this course. Then I have to prepare for one hour for a lab I give later in the afternoon. I also have mobilization meeting at noon for our TA union. Then after the lab later in the day I have a wobbly union meeting. I should be able to get home at about 2 PM and rest and relax a bit before the late afternoon work.

Tomorrow morning I meet with the Minister of Citizenship to discuss the new Ontarian's with Disabilities Act. Then on Monday after my Sunday night shift I have a board meeting at our self help group.

I will also be selling books this weekend at a small press book fair on Saturday. Somewhere in all this time I have to find time to mark assignments too. Maybe I will skip the mobilization meeting at lunch and come home and mark.

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