November 18, 2004

Commenting on work and confidentiality agreements

Other than keeping the students work private and confidential I have no real restrictions on writing here about my statistics teaching. I worked for three hours in the labs this week plus one hour in the lab today preparing for the lab. I solved a confidence interval question for the binomial distribution and wrote it on the blackboard. I then just dealt with questions as the students asked them. I then collected the assignments and now must grade them.

I can't really comment on my security guard work on-line. There are agreements I have there at that job to keep what I see and hear there confidential.

At my volunteering I have massive amounts of confidentiality required. I can't write here either about some of my friends because they are lonley and hurting and writing about them makes them hurt even more. But not all my friends are like this. R for instance reads what I write here sometimes and has no problems with it. J and C also do not mind although they only read this blog in hard copy from time to time. My wife doesn't read much but I don't think she minds much because I also use a discretion when writing about her or other members of my family.

In my web mastering work I don't really have to keep anything quiet. In my union volunteering I also don't need to keep too much quiet but there are some things that only other members of the union are allowed to know.

Posted by petert at November 18, 2004 09:05 PM