November 18, 2004

Update on my studies.

Since this blog has been off line for about three almost four weeks I should update you the reader on my school work. I am still taking two law courses and one mathematics course at Carleton University.

One of the law courses is a drug law course and I have completed about 30% of the work for this course. I have put in about 30 hours outside of the class room for this course so far on those assignments that are completed. I have also put in another amount of hours on my term paper. I have also put in about 1 hour for every class room hour reading the weekly readings. I have only missed one class in this drug law course because of night shift hours messing up my schedule. This was last week.

In my other law course I have been reading widely but most concentrating on getting one particular book read completely. I have about 13 pages written in a 60 page paper. I am thinking today of withdrawing from this course for next term.

In my math course in numerical analysis which was a real test case course because it has two 8:30 am classes a week I have done so so. I mean at first I made all my classes and scored poorly on assignments. By now I have missed about four classes and my marks have come up considerably back to an honours level. I enjoy the lectures and can interact well with the professor in the classroom. I also seem fairly good at MATLAB programming. I did get a copy of MATLAB for my home use. I have my fifth assignment due tomorrow and will be doing it tonight but have already started fifty percent of the work. I don't put a lot of outside the classroom work into this math course but that could change by the exam and end of term.

Posted by petert at November 18, 2004 09:14 PM