November 21, 2004

I got working on some math homework and legal homework

I am up over night on Saturday night. I spent about 45 minutes surfing ecommerce web sites looking for a PDA cell phone. I then got down to completing my legislative review of computer crime law in Canada. I got one paragraph written. I still need to work on my drug law essay tonight. My topic is forced v. voluntary treatment for drug addictions and the moral aspects of this debate.

I did get my MATLAB code to work for my numerical integration homework. I should be able to get this homework done for Monday.

I will also read about Dreamweaver and other web work topics tonight. I hope to read about SAS and also MySQL. I will also read about emergency psychiatry and learned the Mini mental status exam this past week and tried it out on my wife and R who are both normal scoring above 24 on the exam. I will also read computing literature in terms of the history of computing and ethical aspects of computing. I will also start to organise my notes for the numerical analysis exam.

I had a bad week thinking of giving up on the legal studies but I am back on track now. It was just that I had some poor written work in one law course and scored only C on that work. It is nice to score A but I guess I can't always do this. But in math I scored a perfect 10/10 on some work. I saw an academic counselor and she guessed that perhaps my skills are in math and statistics. If I want to study a lot of statistics next term I need to take a break from legal studies but if I want to get a move on and complete my second BA by the end of next summer I need to keep studying legal studies next term.

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