November 22, 2004

Buying new clothes and getting ready for winter

Given that both my wife and I have schizophrenia and given that schizophrenia can be like homelessness we need to dress warmly over winter. Last Christmas my dad gave me a new leather jacket with liner and I have been wearing it in spring and fall and last winter on warm days. Also last winter both my wife and I bought new parkas. We now need to get her's dry cleaned before it gets very cold. We have both started to wear our parkas. Last week I bought new underwear and today we are going to buy my wife some underwear. I also bought a nice pair of tall winter boots and then bought knee high socks to wear with them. They are like star trek boots and are also kind of militant looking maybe a punk fashion item. My family helped me pay for them a little. I bought leather protection spray and polish for them too and applied that stuff to the boots.

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