December 10, 2004

Paranoid about mistakes and uncertainty

The professor made a mistake on the marking scheme so now I had to go back over the papers and correct my marking. This made them slightly more messy. I wonder if she had done this to catch us or whether she honestly made a mistake. Even though I know her answer is wrong and most students had the right answer, I still needed in past cases like to this to be actually told by the professor that they had made a mistake. So this is a lesson in uncertainty rather than trying to catch us up on a mistake and the paranoia that that involves. One more hours' work and I should be done this marking my last major teaching assistant work for the term.

I am really frazzeled and have been up about 20 hours now and won't sleep for another 4 hours. My sleep is off slightly for tomorrow's night shift and I am likley to explode as well as being tired.

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