December 17, 2004

Up 24 hours at beginning of exam.

This morning is my last exam for the term. I have been up since 8:30 am yesterday and my exam is at 9 am this morning. I did get about one hour lying down and closing my eyes. I stayed up to learn. I rarely do well with all nighters. But sometimes all nighters work well too. It has to do with budgetting one's time appropriately. It might work out this morning. I will know later at the beginning of January when I get my grade for this course. Oh well I am out the door in a moment for the exam with maybe half an hour more study in the library with a coffee and danish.

My brother suggests I do study Data Warehousing this winter and take my time with the law BA. I did manage to get a seat in the medical issues in criminal law course again. But I am thinking my brother is right that just one law and one statistics course would be the most enjoyable and easy paced for the winter term.

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