December 17, 2004

I slept at 1 PM and woke up at 7 PM

I forced my self awake at 7 pm. My mom dropped by some Christmas cakes. Our friends came over although R was tired and did not make it over. We just talked and listened to the the iTunes store. We bought R.E.M.'s South Central Rain tune. I am not really keen to have an mp3 player but it is getting cheaper to have one and now we can use iTunes in Canada. My dad enjoys having an iPod music player.

We are just waiting for some KFC we ordered. The girls are just talking about dreams. A few people here take Zyprixa(sp?). I am glad most of my school work is done. I am up all night again for helping with the newspapers, then in the morning I am taking delivery of an old Apple computer monitor. The old Macintosh arrived so with this monitor J will have a working computer.

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