January 09, 2005

Recover from divorce and gut feelings

I was reading a book on adult children of divorce and then thinking about my own feeling in my stomach and lungs. I enjoyed some coffee after work and then again after volunteering. I am clamping down on my spending and this seem to have made me a better student.

I am carrying around a CPR mask and first aid kit. I am also carrying around a mini-mag light. There were apprently some muderers also carrying around flashlights in our city. I am getting more involved in law enforcment.

I have not been smoking much today as I don't smoke much at work. I took my vitamins and should be going to sleep in about two hours. I will take some more vitamins now and then take my risperadol before sleeping. I am just ending the day with blogs entries...in five different blogs. A blog a day keeps the doctor on the pay.

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