January 10, 2005

Getting popular on the web.

I just posted this blog's URL on this web page about a journalism and blogging conference http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/webcred/index.php?p=2. My point in the post is simply that when journalists talk about part of the Internet like blogs that becomes what we all then tend to think about that part of the Internet. In this case they are talking about blogs as news sources. Yet many readers here will know that news and politics blogs are such a small part of blog space but in the future this small part will be a part of "first impression" when one meantions blogs.

Well my post is done.This is often how I use the Internet.

  • I read some email, or newsgroup post, or web page from a stranger on a topic I am interested in or a sub topic of a larger topic I am interested in or learning about.
  • I then click a link in what I just read. or reply to the email or post a reply to a newsgroup.
  • In my reply I leave my name and web site address, or blog address or my email address.
  • I then check back at the linked resource later sometimes ten years later to see what has become of it; if anyone has replied and so forth.

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