January 17, 2005

Thinking and enquiring about writing a paper on disAbility and Information and Communications Technologies.

I was chatting at the Yahoo Linux room and downloaded some Turbo Linux iso images. I checked on buying a used Pentium IV Xeon processor workstation for R. He was told to consider it for his next computer. But I also had him consider buying a used Macintosh or buying my eMac from me if I was able to upgrade to a new Mac. I checked on new Macs for myself. I might end up buying an iPod shuffle this week at school.

I signed up for an email list that I found on the Internet while researching graduate school in Kingston at Queens. I have been getting the emails about conferences and calls for papers and responded to a call for papers tonight for the journal Information, Communication & Society, Spring 2006. I also asked J if she would proof read my paper if I wrote something and she said she would. I can't write about the digital divide but could perhaps I could survey members of the self help community in eastern Ontario. This might allow me to find out what ICT's mean to them and also if ICT's change thier ideas of identity or their concepts of identity as disAbled persons. I could also inquire about thier ideas of interpendence.

I would need to design a survey which I could do while doing my teaching assistant work in the sampling methodology course this winter. I could do an initial survey this February and then get it all analyised by the end of March and get a rough paper written with abstract by June. Then I could do another survey in July and have the final results by September and the paper done by October. Say now that's a time line plan.

I am just printing out tomorrow lecture notes for my data mining course and got some tips on errors I was getting with R and Rgobi and gtk. I now need to try the code for lecture #1 again and try the lecture #2 code before heading off to sleep and then wakeing up for class later this afternoon. Then I am staying up from mid afternoon until 6 pm Tuesday so I can sleep early Tuesday night and wake up up early Wednesday for my first tutorial lab I am giving Wednesday morning. I will prepare for this lab either later tonight or early Tuesday morning.

I am also working on my law paper off and on tonight and emailed the professor late Sunday night.

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