January 18, 2005

Sleep all wrong on Monday back on track today

I ended up not sleeping yesterday morning. This kind of sleep problem can lead me to bad decisions concering courses which it almost did yesterday. I almost decided not to study the data mining course and in fact attended a law and literature course in the late morning and early afternoon before coming home to sleep at 6 PM. In the past a little thing like this, i.e. missing my lecture in the evening would cause me to change courses. Instead I dropped on on one of the professors of the data mining course and discussed the course material and the consequences of missing the lecture. I am now ok with the data mining course.

So my sleep yesterday was wrong for the data mining course but is now on track for my early morning work as a teaching assistant on Wednesday. I will prepare for the lab this morning at school then I have a board meeting today for the Psychiatric Survivors of Ottawa. I will sleep again today at 6 PM. Then I will sleep at 8 PM or 10 PM on Wednesday as we are not having our role playing game this week. I also took my meds twice yesterday. Once in the morning at 6 am I took 6 mg of risperadol but couldn't sleep because I need to check our goverment allowance at 8:30 AM. I then took my meds again at 6 PM this time I took my vitamins too as I had bought vitamins on the way home from school. This meant I did not miss a day's risperadol so in another way this sleep problem resulting in something good.

I can write a proposal this morning for my research into identity, disAbility and ICT's for the board meeting.

It was difficult to make this entry as I had to play with my cat to keep her from scratching the laptop screen. I put her in the office twice now to lock her up. This reminds me of the criminal law and jailing people. I need a break from these criminal law studies. This summer I will study public law and politics and not come back to the criminal law until next fall or next winter in 2006.

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