January 19, 2005

Looks like I forgot to mail in our income report

I seem to worry quite a bit about forgetting things. Thus in a way I have a certain level of neurosis. I forgot to warn members of our union that a meeting had been canceled last week past. I am lucky I didn't get one member angry. I feel too much of this union's work has fallen on my shoulders but then hey I can call myself the union's secretary. I don't know it doesn't seem fair. Yet I am always gripping in the context of that union.

I forgot I think to mail our income report to the government and they called yesterday and I had to fax all this stuff to them. I just got it done with a half hour to spare to relax before heading out to our board meeting. At the board meeting I presented my proposal to do a survey of the membership on identity and interdependence related to changes in use of ICT's. The administrator liked the idea but our president was cool on it. I recorded minutes and came home and tried to sleep.

I didn't get to sleep until about 10 PM and woke up at about 5 pm this morning. I have a lab to give this morning but am up on time for it. Yes, I seem to have beaten the up early problem. I no longer typically sleep in and miss appointments. Those days are gone now. It took more practical effort to solve this over sleeping problem than being solved by any medication changes. There is no quick fix in schizophrenia recovery. It takes a lot of planning of the hours of one's sleep to perform like this. Perhaps it is my maturity in life and work that is helping.

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