January 26, 2005

My mini paper is done.

At the end of my second 30 hours day in a row I had an appointment to see a writing tutor. E listened to my topic and suggested having an hypothosis in the mini paper. That is to add in the over all papers hypothosis. I was able to put this hythosis and then add in the analysis in from the first version of my mini paper and did that this morning and now basically have the paper completed. I am just proof reading my conclusion and then printing two copies for when my supervisor and I meet at 11 am this morning. In the next hour I am relaxing before going to school to prepare a lab for the students today. Then I will give the lab and then see the boss of this statistics course and finalise the hours. Then I will have the mini paper's meeting. After all this must do work I will attend a union info session and eat lunch there and we are having Chinese food in honour of Chinese new year today. I might then go and see a professor who might be able to supervise graduate school work on criminal law and the mentally ill. She had offerefd to chat during her office hours and she has office hours on Wednesday afternoons. I just need to check those hours now. I am going to make another pot of coffee and and print those papers.

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