January 27, 2005

Something I posted to a schizophrenia support email list today.

SUBJECT: Literacy in consumers and why it is matters

You read on this list of people like myself reading law or statisics, or people like John studying and working in computing, or Millie studying all kinds of things like web mastering recently, or Kemila studying Jungian psychology and other topics on the Internet, or Andy studying political issues. Or the fellow in South America studying his old school books on physics. All of us read and study something and this allows us from time to time to read about schizophrenia or medicine and become educted consumers and function to improve our own health. We can not always do this but it is my belief that reading about schizophrenia it the best therapy and becoming an educated patient is the best we can do to help ourselves. We may still need support and loved ones but by being educated even a little or even a little later than now we can know what goals we need to be seeking.

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