April 29, 2005

I got my final project submitted. I might do a little more on it by Saturday afternoon.

I worked about 20 hours total on my data mining final project and then submitted it via email last night. I confirmed with one of the professors that he had in fact received the files. So I could be done now with the winter term or I could do a little more work before tomorrow afternoon. I should also submit paper copies tomorrow in the afternoon at the professors office. This professor is very supportive in the past with my getting my first degree. I am expecting her to be in her office tomorrow and I can submit about 40 pages of print out. I need to take some time off and just read for awhile. I hope all this data mining I have learned gets some use I need some R projects now or I need to try these techniques in C or C++.

Posted by petert at April 29, 2005 08:05 PM


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