April 30, 2005

I am on break from the newspaper delivery

I am just taking a smoke break and should be delivering 47 newspapers in the next hour and a half. The good thing about this is I get the news very early and this helps sometimes in my legal studies. It is hard work because the days I help on the paper is very heavy. I also insert the preprinted section and sleave the papers in plastic bags to make them sort of water proof. We are expecting rain today.

Yesterday was end of the month so our disability cheque came in and I paid some bills. The rent will be paid on Monday. Today my wife will go grocery shopping with her dad a senior driving. I will stay up from 2 PM Friday until later in the afternoon. I will help bring the groceries in and also take my homework to school and might also do some shopping before finally sleeping at 4 PM. Then tomorrow I have a 9 hour shift in security at a corporate charity event. I will probably be given a free hot dog and drink.

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