June 23, 2005

I am busy working on my computers.

I am very busy after my social night playing dungeons and dragons. I am doing some transfering of files to my Macintosh computer. I sent a few feedback messages to Apple computer about their help pages not addressing my computer problems about switching data from a PC to a Mac.

I am not working in security again for about 25 days from now. I did work 24 hours this past weekend.

The newspaper deliver guy just knocked on our door at 2:30 AM. He wanted to know if I would help him with Thursday's papers. I said no because I am working on my computers right now.

I am updating all my blogs right now and working on a school paper. I will also do some web site work.

I had a union meeting this week. It was scheduled for 7 hours with one hour off for lunch. I stayed for six hours. We decided various things for our newsletter writing, recruiting stewards, working with other campus groups and other teaching locals. I ate fish and chips for lunch and talked to a Ph.D. student in geography.

Speaking of school work I worked three hours this week and now have about 8 hours of marking to do by July 4th. I am also working an extra two hours on July 4th giving extra help to students in the basic statistics course.

July 4th is not a holiday in Canada. July 1st is Canada day our nationalism holiday.

I am volunteering on July 1st and 2nd in victims support. In fact, I will be volunteering on Friday's for most of July.

I am planning on not completing my law BA this summer as I had been thinking the past two weeks. I will instead try to study two law course next year and raise my graduation average a little. I will also study statistics courses next year. I should be studying two law and two statistics courses next year. Two courses per term, four per year is considering full time in Ontario colleges for disabled students.

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