June 30, 2005

Hello to some of my readers, public v private.

Hi I am getting a few more comments lately on this blog and wanted to say hello to you all. I appreciate your concerns for me and also welcome questions etc. It is my hope that by sketching out how I am doing you too can help a little your own recovery or a relatives. But really it is up to you and what works for me, one, may not be obvious from my posts, two, may be different in your case, and finally you should have a good psych team behind you in whatever you do. Also the person with schizophrenia has to choose solutions for themselves. Except in some cases, unless the person with schizophrenia does the changes herself it might not help at all and can make matters much worse. This is true of medications too. One needs to give ones self prescribed medications becaused forced medications will not work in the long run and will work so much better if taken voluntarily. So rather than putting efforts into medication compliance it would be much better to educate someone on why they should take meds. That is the best therapy would include education as a key component just as heart patients are taught about their condition and how to manage it. This is a proven effective way of treating schizophrenia. This also means there is no one treatment for schizophrenia and in fact many different treatments are needed at the same time. And this also means beyond multiple medications but also other types of therapies like occupational therapy, social recovery, and health education in general.

Some thoughts on this blog in that I have to write here in a public mode so some of my darker thoughts or more gross humour will not appear here. I am really just an ordinary person with no different biology than many. I have had sexual difficulties and unemployment difficulties and even been in jail for a night before. I have kept some people's secrets for years in fact some things I have kept totally private for decades about myself and others. I also have signed certain documents and agreements with volunteer organisations and also employers to keep things secret. I also keep people out of trouble with law enforcment when in my judgement they do not need the trouble. But I do call the police about crimes that I think are violent and this may be different than the US definition of law enforcment and violence because Canada does not understand war as a legal activity for instance and we do not have guns the way they do in the USA. Also you should understand that in using self help whether you use schizophrenia.com for self help or some real life group or some other on-line help one principle we borrow from alcoholics anonymous(AA) and others is that people's medical facts should remain private if we learn them in self help meetings. In fact, I read a good article in a Canadian national newspaper today about AA and not one last name was used. This as I understand AA is how it should work. So please don't start to use this blog to write things in newspapers or other places because as well as me asking you to respect my privacy this blog has been copyrighted by me just by the fact that I write it and this is copyright law in many countries. Just a joke to close this post my speaking fee was 50$ for my last talk.

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