June 30, 2005

The concept of "triggers"

The idea that certain words or thoughts will trigger a mind to react a certain way is common in schizophrenia treatment. Beyond this being a gun metaphor which tells you where it came from, the concept is not the best but is useful.

Some times I have tried or instance to not talk to people about rock stars or famous people and have even said to some fellow consumers when they begin to talk about these people quite franky: " I do not want to talk about famous people with you because, one you are likley to be delusional about them; and two, why talk about famous people what use is it to us here some poor workers. What can famous people really do for us and besides we are really wasting time talking about them?"

But I am learning to talk about academics and have certainly learned to talk about politicians but the same warning should be given talking about famous people is likely to trigger unreal thinking.

Well that is just some thoughts and my rude way of dealing with one of these so-called triggers. There are other suggestive things like suicide and murder but I know in the case of suicide it is often better discussed in the open so this trigger concept falls apart in some cases.

Posted by petert at June 30, 2005 09:53 PM


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