June 30, 2005

Relaxed day went to the dentist and I have no cavities.

I had a fairly relaxed day. I only had some 4.5 hours sleep and these sorts of days after little sleep often feel this way if there are no stressors. I am not really stressed out. I have been a little tough with some real life friends in on-line communications with them but nothing that will end our frienships. My wife too had a relaxing day and was out with her ACT team today and went to sleep early. She went shopping for some shorts but the store had closed for good in that mall so she will go shopping on Saturday at a different mall because tomorrow is Canada day and everything is closed. Even with lots of beer in the house she did not drink and is saving the beer for Canada day tomorrow. I went to the dentist and for the first time in years had no cavities. Thanks to the battery operated tooth brush for that. I am chilled out and going to mark some papers tonight and another satisfying activity will be to print out my blogs for June at midnight. I will also burn some back up CD's. If I am really good I will even do some more poly filla work on our bathroom and even help with the Canada day paper delivery. Anyways I am up late tonight and won't sleep until 8 am or so.

Posted by petert at June 30, 2005 10:04 PM


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