July 21, 2005

Reading and watching public law learning materials over night is relaxing.

I am feeling fairly relaxed after a hard day at work. I also relaxed with friends last night. We concluded an adventure and we agreed to start playing Star Gate SG1 next week. Since this will be the 27th and we are taking two weeks off in the beginning of August this will be our last go at it for three weeks. This break will also allow me to study more just before my exam. I have also not taken any work past August 2nd in my security job. I did ask for more work after August 18th. So other than studying which is relaxing I will take August 3rd to 18th off of work. I will have one statistics test to mark and one assignment to mark in this time but the majority of my school teaching work is completed again for this term.

I am just reading the professors notes for our public law course and watching lecture VHS tapes. I will continue over night to study until 9 am when I will go to my GP's. Then I will come home and sleep. I will take the weekend off and watch Star Gate SG1 videos and study more broadly on the weekend.

I think there is a Linux user group picnic this weekend or rather BBQ. I went last year but it was not as enjoyable as some other picnics I have been too. Our psychiatric survivors picnics are very fun, as are our Schizophrenia Society picnics. Last year's Linux picnic was fairly repressed in talking and even critical and not very fun. It was also slightly embarrassing. No I think this year I will not attend Liunx in the wild.

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