July 22, 2005

Got some sleep and ready to work 12 hours today.

After my 34 hour day I had accomplished 8 hours of work, 12 hours of study and 5 hours of socialisation. I also had another annual check up with my general practitioner who checked me for cancer and basic vital signs and I am healthy as usual. I do expect to get lung cancer in the future though. He was encouraging me to study more statistics by describing his research project. His research won an award and he had some help from my workplace that is the school of mathematics and statistics at Carleton university. Speaking of which I have some marking to do this weekend and would also like to get some statistics studying done this weekend. I may go to the school library on Sunday and borrow Sheldon's Ross's Simulation and maybe that book on time series I borrowed last summer. I am thinking the course on time series might be a good choice this fall term.

I am working for 12 hours today and then off work until Tuesday. I have one maybe two over night volunteer shifts this weekend.

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