August 28, 2005

The BBQ was ok.

I did not feel too bad at the BBQ. I met some new people and talked a lot. I brought food. I came home and talked with my wife. She went to sleep and I woke her up at 4 AM so she could take her pills. I am feeling pretty good about school today. I probably won't be working as a legal studies TA. If I am it will be as a TA marking the introduction to private law course where I scored an A in 2003. My essay in that course examined a forced medications case. I will though probably be working as a statistics TA. I spent another hour on Saturday morning studying probability basics like Bayes formula and conditional probability. I have really known this probability stuff since 1981 when I was first living with the schizophrenia label and studying in school in my last year at McMaster. I failed my second year in mathematics that year. I did not try mathematics again until 1984 and then not much until 1997 before finally graduating with my B.Math degree in 2002. I think my future is in math though and this is something that is genuinely me. It is my "self" as a statistician that I have discovered. In fact I am very in touch this morning with that back to school as a math student essence. This will mean fall weather cooler temperatures and other feelings I associate with my school and the fall term. I will aim for two A+ marks this term as it may be my last term in legal studies. I have three school applications to make soon, one for law school, one for statistics graduate school, and one for legal studies graduate school.

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