August 29, 2005

Smoking cessation.

I was just reading about gender. I woke up trying to capitalise on the school feelings of yesterday. So I began studying. I read some very interesting stuff about gender in social situations. I read about tokenism and ascribed characteristics like gender, race, and age. I reflected on my use of these characteristics both at the BBQ on Saturday night and within the school workforce and my other work environments. I then read a relapse prevention model in a medical research book. I stopped smoking when I read this book. I reflected on my non drinking and my non drug abuse. I thought of a psychologist I had worked with in the early nineties.

I saw this person recently in the community both at an event I could expect to see the person at namely a recovery forum, and I had seen the person at something else nanely a protest. I had not asssociated left wing politics with this person but I do know that the psychologist is a concerned individual. Finding this person at the protest was also chance because the person was not there for their own reasons but because of their relative being there. The psychologist was not there to express politicial views. The psychologist was not *working* at the protest which was a squat of an abandoned house.

I have not smoked now for about half an hour. I will try today to cut down my smoking.

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