August 30, 2005

Web surfing as window shopping.

I spent hours on-line yesterday window shopping at an electronics store web site. I was shopping for a laptop mostly but the prices are too too high. I also just looked at things and the prices. Besides needing a new laptop the only thing that really was planned recently was some sort of new cell phone. There are some cell phone walkie talkies with free text messaging, and nation wide walkie talkie service for one dollar a day when you use the walkie talkie. They also can be paid as you go. We presently have two cell phones with voice plans and one PDA cell phone with only a data plan. The PDA data plan costs 25$ a month. One cell phone which we never use costs about 25 $ every three months. The main cell phone we use costs me 35$ a month but it is on contract and that contract ends at the end of this year. So I am planning on some sort of change of phones and looking for a new phone and this Sanyo 2300 flip phone may be the thing. But looking at these bills it may actually be just as expensive to buy a Palm Treo and pay 85$ a month. No I must be doing some funny math because the Treo would be 30 dollars more plus tax and would have to be on a three year contract. Perhaps a Treo can be bought out right for 500$ and put on a simliar plan to paying for both the PDA I use now and the cell phone I use now. That means I would need a plan costing about 50 dollars to include the tax of ten dollars. There may be such a plan at one of the major carriers.

Posted by petert at August 30, 2005 12:15 AM


i promise to allways do right

Posted by: edward at January 10, 2006 09:50 PM

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