August 30, 2005

I may stay up late today from yesterday and sleep in the day tomorrow.

I took my meds but if I don't become tired I will stay up and get some quiet reading done. I will also watch some sci-fi TV show DVD's. The only things I have to do today is attend a career counselor appointment at 9 AM and drop in on the union office for ten minutes. The career services and union office are beside each other in the same hallway at school. Then I could take a certain bus and go to the music store and pay off the mixer and come home and sleep. I will miss the Ph.D. defence but I don't have to go to that I had just though it might be a good idea. I might have to go to things like this if I was in grad school but for now I don't "have" too. This was one of the points to be thought about in relapse prevention. Determining the balance between "wants" and "shoulds". I will be really burnt out later this morning but can sleep all day and then be up early on Wednesday for my training course in non-violent crisis intervention. Another thing keeping me up tonight besides my desire for some quiet time is that today is a pay day.

Posted by petert at August 30, 2005 12:33 AM


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