September 27, 2005

I cleaned up books into three stacks beside my computer in the living room.

I borrowed a few books on music yesterday. I also have about seven books borrowed as extra reading for my legal studies course. I am just about to email one of my legal studies professors from last year and let her know that I am still reading about drugs and the law and treatment. I worry about emailing professors. They get too much email as it is so I think I will not email her.

I put in another half hour preparing for today's work as a lab TA. After today the students will have handed in their first assignment and I will be able to mark it.

I studied my own statistics course for 1 hour tutorial then an extra half hour with the course TA. Then another 1 hour lecture. We covered moment generating functions and tricks to solve these. I am a few hours behind on the assignment work for my own statistics course. I will do a little maple right now on the windows PC. No I plan to use the maple for type setting the assignment after it has been done in pen and paper. Right now I will work out some of the other problems as I have only worked on one or two questions so far.

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