September 28, 2005

I may take a lighter course load this fall and take time off studies this winter.

I am having diffculty with my statistics homework. I could drop the course now and get the fee money back. I have only two days to decide and still get the money. This is sort of a reaction to my confidence levels with math as apposed to statistics because the homework I am trying to do is very math like with integrals and derivatives. Oh well I worked for an hour and half on this one homework problem now I will take a break. I started one problem and met a snag where I will need a trick to continue and solve the problem. Maybe this is a matter of a methodology approach issues rather than a pass/fail and therefore avoid/approach problem. If I drop this course it will not affect my present program in legal studies but would affect my chances of going to grad school in statistics next year. I would be down to only one course and only be on campus for two days a week and both days in the evenings. I don't think it would affect my work at school either. The refund would pay for one course this winter. Or I could take the winter off freshly graduated by spring and follow the advice of a few law professionals who think I should try working in the real wortd.

Posted by petert at September 28, 2005 01:42 AM


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