September 28, 2005

Installed some software while shopping for music equipment on-line.

I surfed my local vintage instrument music store while transfering a My Documents folder to my broken laptop. I had just installed WinXP on this again. I am up from 12 noon Tuesday. I worked last night. I now have some marking to do. I marked the first page of one lab section earlier this morning.

I talked with M at school a bit about drugs and crime and I am reading a book on this topic.

In the music surfing I was looking at guitars but in particular I was looking for a bass pre amp. I also did a fair amout of surfing there. I was also presently surprised to check my stock market account and find one of my stocks was up finally.

I borrowed a few books on rock music at the university library. I also made some CD's of my band and gave them to an ACT team worker and a self help group employee. I am going to sleep now for the day and wake up and play my role playing game. I will miss class today.

I didn't give up yet on the statistics course and in fact installed a math software to write up my homework. If I get it done in pencial and paper I might type setting it using Maple.

Posted by petert at September 28, 2005 06:34 AM


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