September 29, 2005

I am just installing software on my Thinkpad this morning.

I am installing Debian Linux on my Thinkpad and have installed WinXP too this week. I just left this computer I am writing this entry on and went to our office and started to install the Debian System over the internet from Michigan State University and their public ftp server that keeps Linux files. I think this is in their department of engineering. One of my friends i write about here is connected to this university. I found this out after using this ftp site for a while. My friends father played some football and studied at this school. So I am back at this computer now writing this entry but before my final proof read I will check on the Debian install again.

I may buy some blank DVD's today. I may also or otherwise buy some RAM memory for my Thinkpad. Another computer part I am interested in buying is a memory stick for my PSP so I can play even more music. But actually I have enough bills and money owing on layaway for things that I should not buy any of this stuff today.

Posted by petert at September 29, 2005 06:39 AM


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