September 29, 2005

I worked for half an hour on my statistics homework. I am planning a busy almost 11 hour day at school today.

Early this morning after coming home from my role playing game, I wrote up one of my home work questions using Maple. I have it solved now but after proof reading the solution I have printed I will need to rewrite it once or twice more. I had planned this morning to also write up the question I worked on yesterday and to work on three more questions. I really need to work some more on this homework as it is due next Monday. It looks like it may take about 10 more hours. But I may not work on it more today.

Today means I woke up on Wednesday at 4 PM as planned and am still up. For the rest of the day this is my agenda. In about two hours I will take safety training for handling chemicals and other dangerous goods. This will last three hours until 12 noon. If I don't attend the safety office will bill the math department and I will have to pay 50$ no doubt. So at this point I must attend this training. I will leave in one hour for this training. Hopefully my computer stuff will be done by then. Besides installing Debian I am backing up the user account on my Macintosh to an external hard drive.

After this training this morning I will eat some lunch and go downtown and buy some cigarettes and may be drop in on the music store. But I will need to budget before buying anything new at the music store. A better plan at the music store would be to pay some more money for the mixer/amp rack case I have on layaway.

So after I do this shopping and eating lunch it will be about 1 PM. I will then go back to school to the library and read cases for my law course.

Then at 3 PM I will go to the school of mathematics and statistics for a talk about two step regression quantiles. I am not sure what this talk is about but I have always been keen about regression so this seems like it could be a good time. After the talk it will be a 24 hour day. I will then spend two hours resting and reading in the library again.

Then at 6 PM I will attend my law class. After this I will come home. So no I will not buy computer stuff today. Only the music store offers a possible over spending chance. So I should just stick to paying down my layaway. Instead of buying something outright I can just lay it away. In particular a small mixer microphone interests me at this shop.

I need to buy my wife some pop and get her a little cash before going to school so I should quickly post this and proof read it, do a quick budget for the day and then go to the 7-11 and get this pop before having to go to school.

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