October 09, 2005

Remembered my nap dreams.

I dreamed of old friends and travel this morning. I also dreamed of school and bullying. I dreamed of a lady in red threatening another lady and also my brother and his kids and playing in a store. In my brother's house and that scene we morned a friend who is actually not dead in real life. My brother was sympathetic in the dream. I was also beaten up almost in the dream and gave academic advice based on my academic record in the dream. In the end I was being chased over a pedestrian over pass and then woke up to the alarm. I thought about the dream a bit sitting on the couch.

Yesterday I dreamed of getting new social housing with some sort of symbolic fire place and an important politican who in real life supports social housing. My dreams are usually not so easy to remember these days. Perhaps my health is better now with less school work and more reading.

Posted by petert at October 9, 2005 05:17 AM


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