October 09, 2005

I was so angry getting off work tonight.

I got walked all over at the end of my shift again. I was so angry at having to stay late and walk to the highway to catch the bus. My coworkers could have prevented both of these situations or alieviated them somewhat. But I realised that I should not bring this anger home. The big test tonight was how to deal with this anger this maddness. If I can cope with this I am not disabled. My greatest concern with my schizophrenia is getting angry.

I am happy to say my anger has disapated. Although my wife asked me repeatedly for more beer and had drunk quite a few already I did not get angry. We made some food and that helped me cope with the anger. We worked together and she is even doing some recycling now. I am well fed and happy. I now know what to do to relax...Of course eat and sleep but also write blogs. Writing blogs relaxes me and it is a good thing for self exploration.

Posted by petert at October 9, 2005 09:10 PM


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