October 13, 2005

I got called into work today.

I took a shift today at work. I am up from about 4 PM Wednesday. I slept from 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM so about six and a half hours sleep. I have not been stressed out today. I will have a quiet day shift but will be around hundreds of people at work today. I will work until late afternoon then take a bus straight to school. I will have about an hour to get to school. But since I am getting off work at a normal leave work time I can catch an available rush hour bus and then catch the school light rail train. I will just check my work schedule and the bus schedule on the web now.

I will also help with the newspapers this morning. After the lecture tonight I will be off of class until next week. I can study at work too probably depending on the nature of the work today. I will have only marking to do this weekend and it will be due next Tuesday. So work after today should not be too stressful until work again next Tuesday. I will also have a brief union meeting on Friday but this too should not be too stressful.

I will volunteer for 24 hours this weekend but if it is quiet I will only really have a two to four hour shift in our office on Sunday. I am reading about child poverty and also comunity networking these days. I am also looking at major western world politics, geosecurity and terrorism in my studies.

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