October 15, 2005

I worked a shift and then slept on Thursday.

I had been up since 4 PM Wednesday and then stayed up over night. I marked statistics homework and helped with Thursday's newspapers. I then worked 7.5 hours at my security job. I had hoped to attend my legal studies lecture on Thursday evening but came home and slept. I recorded this lecture on Friday and need to view more of it now.

L had cut her finger and wanted first aid when I got home but I just went straight to sleep. She saw a doctor later in the day and had her finger bandaged. It was horrible. She seemed insane going around town with her finger bleeding. My wife is turned off her now.

I woke up at 6 AM Friday and studied all morning. I then went to school for a union meeting and kept minutes on a laptop running Win98. I then went out and bought an iPod 60GB MP3 player as these were discounted as new models that play video are available now. I spent most of Friday late night Saturday moring installing songs on the player. I like having my music organised and think this is good for my musical education.

I helped with Saturday's newspapers then slept. I bought pop and milk before sleeping. I woke up at about 4 PM and have been reading about child poverty research, electronic surveillance law from the 1970's in Canada, and revolutionary women and feminism. I will read more tonight and complete marking one section of the students assignment #2 tonight.

I will stay up over night and volunteer on the day shift in victim's support on Sunday. My ibook is being hand delivered on Sunday so that will keep me busy Sunday and parts of Monday. I guess I should get the marking done tonight so I have more time with the iBook on Monday and Tuesday.

Computers and smoking take money but more especially time. I make time for my smoking and spent a fair amount of time at the computer. Speaking of smoking I took the PA set up down from the living room and wrapped the mixer up in its plastic bag and put in the office where there is less smoking.

My wife is just listening to David Bowie's Low album in the other room. I have not really listened to this album much. I had a high school friend who was really into David Bowie and I read two biographies of David Bowie in the early 1990's when getting out of hospital.

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