October 16, 2005

I am playing around with my iPod and doing some studies and volunteering today.

I have been listening to podcasts on my iPod and music too. I am just syncronising the iPod with my palm calendar now. I am ripping all my CD's and installing them on the iPod. I have been reading and writing all morning. I also taught R how to play 12 bar blues and also rock and roll. I also taught him the major scale and the minor scale. I critiqued his left hand finger technique a little.

I am volunteering now in victim's support for parts of today. I will also work a little on marking today. Tomorrow the green party are using my PA system. We will need a ride for this system to school. This will also be volunteer work. I will also do some marking tomorrow.

I should be receiving the iBook today. My partner is drinking beer today. I will eat some left over turkey with gravy this afternoon. I am studying advanced statistics today and also community informatics. I am updating my blogs and generally feeling ok, if but a little tired.

Posted by petert at October 16, 2005 08:35 AM


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