October 26, 2005

I cleaned our fridge this morning.

After getting in from teaching I cleaned the top front of our fridge. There was a layer of brown from tobacco. I also took our French fridge poetry magnets down and put up our new Shakesphere fridge poetry magnets. I then cooked some yellow peppers our neighbour gave us with some chick peas on a low heat and am just eating them now before napping for a few hours. I am up for a long day today so took 3 mg a half days dose of risperadol to keep my from becoming too frazeled today. I learn to do prudent self dosing after coaching from nurses at the hospital. Over the years I have confirmed this practice with my psychiatrists as an ok practice. I am up from 11 AM Tuesday and it is 5 AM Wednesday now so an 18 hour day. I will now try to nap until 8 or 9 AM.

Posted by petert at October 26, 2005 05:00 AM


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