October 27, 2005

I woke up late today and I have class tonight.

I woke up at 3 PM this afternoon. I had slept at 7 AM having delivered the newspapers again this morning. Tonight we will review our course material as we have a mid-term next week. My transcripts have been sent from the local college to the graduate school now. I got confirmation letters from the college today. I have setted on my referees and two referees, my legal studies MA referees have agreed to referee. I now need to drop the forms off for them. Also one of my M.Sc. refereees has agreed to referee. The other M.Sc. referee is on sabatical but has agreed in the past to referee so that should be ok and I have studied two courses with her and may be taking a third course from her this winter.

I read about the Special Air Service last night. I also continue to study a book called The Algebra a Beginning Graduate Student Should Know. I also read more about the drug crime connection covering history of the criminalisation of drug abuse in the UK.

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